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Entries now being accepted... Deadline April 20, 2013

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The 420 Music Award is the premier award site for what’s hot!  Our mission is to inspire musicians and composers by recognizing, promoting and supporting creativity in a wide variety of musical venues.

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Gold Kush

Gold Kush Winner:
Rock Music

It's 420 SomewhereMoonalice
Moonalice Touring - USA

Moonalice is a band of seasoned musicians who feel that live music should be a communal experience where the listener and musicians feed and derive inspiration from each other. Their songs try to speak to everyone, mixing a variety of genres with extended musical improvisations that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration.


Gold Kush

Gold Kush Winner:
Feature Film - XXX Category

Revenge of the PetitesREvenge of the Petites
AMKingdom - USA

In Revenge of the Petites, Marie and her best friend Skin embark on their freshman year of college. They soon realize college life is not as easy as it seems. Subjected to the taunts, teasing and practical jokes of the tall and beautiful girls of Theta House, led by the vicious Vanessa, Marie and her friends are left with no choice but to join a sorority for other petite girls.

When one cruel, practical joke by the girls of Theta House goes too far, the petites have had enough. With the help of a former member of Theta House, the petites set out to get their revenge in the hilarious and heartfelt coming of age story. Written and directed by Harry Sparks, Revenge of the Petites is inspired by the many teen sex comedies of the 80s, but with an adult twist.


Gold Kush

Gold Kush Winner:
Feature Film - Documentary Category

Earth Meets Wind
Portfolio Productions Limited - UAE

What happens when the raw strength of a champion bodybuilder meets the grace of a world-renowned performance coach? A compelling combination of two spirits.

The documentary features the meeting of Komang Arnawa, a famous international body building champion from Bali, Indonesia and Cindera Che, a professional dancer and choreographer from the USA. Their training and discussions become a fascinating journey of two people from two different spheres, as each takes the role of both teacher and student. As they combine their strengths to form a beautiful spiritual visual in the form of dance, they each learn how life can achieve balance, when the solid strength of the Earth meets the moving power of the Wind…

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Gold KushGold Kush Winner:
Documentary / Educational
History / Interviews Category


by Shaun Donnelly, Mind Engine - Canada

TightTight is a unique band featured on a brand new reality television series of the same name. All the members of the band are porn stars trying to make it big in the music industry.

Interests:  Sex, tequila, partying hard, skateboarding, music, art...

Artists We Like: AC/DC, April Wine, the crawl, Alice Cooper

About the Band:

Monica has been in the adult industry nearly 10 years and has appeared in more than 400 adult movies. She is formerly the lead singer of Sweet Avenge and has recently published her autobiography fitting called "Absolute Mayhem".

Layla Labelle is a jazz singer and guitarist from Montreal who made her first adult movie on her 18th birthday. She plans to release a solo album in the near future and vows to make Tight the best band ever.

Tuesday Cross is an up-n-coming porn starlet who has appeared in more than 20 adult movies and countless magazines. She has been playing guitar and bass for a number of L.A. bands and is currently splitting her time between Tight and Hear Kitty Kitty.

Alicia Andrews had never played drums in her life. When she found out about this project, she begged producers for a chance to audition and then hired a drum coach at her own expense. A couple months later she aced her audition and got the gig. A newcummer to porn as well, Alicia has appeared in only a handful of movies.


Gold KushSilver Haze Winner:
Documentary / Educational
History / Interviews Category


The Tal Qadi Stone
by Chris & Maurice Micallef, CMM Productions - Malta

Qadi StoneFrom the same production team that gave us FILFLA, MNAJDRA and 2011 Prestige Award winner THE PHOENICIANS, is another production that deals with the interpretation of the Tal-Qadi stone.

This documentary that took two years in the making, offers a detailed analysis and interpretation of this stone that is found at the National Museum in Valletta, Malta. Amongst various interpretations from various researchers, this documentary is sustained by scientific analysis and theories that makes this stone unique in the Mediterranean.

Setting SunWith a script written by Chris Micallef and direction by Chris & Maurice Micallef, this documentary has exclusive footage that shows the sun and moon alignments along the main passage of the Tal-Qadi temple found in the limits of Burmarrad, Malta.

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